How it works


Unparalleled Technology

The FLO TV™ service was built from the ground up to overcome technical and business challenges like bandwidth, battery life, cost of deployment, storage, subscriber licensing, billing, and quality of playback. It is the product of precise planning and ingenuity, backed by the intellectual and financial resources of visionary industry leader Qualcomm.

The MediaFLO USA™ state of the art network and broadcast operations center is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring constant quality control and technical support.

Optimization activities within the Operations Center include:

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  • Live Events technicians monitor the quality of live content and manually insert commercial or programming break content
  • The Media Ingest Area accepts content delivered by programming partners in any format provided
  • Quality Control technicians monitor video and audio quality
  • Post Production internally constructs promotional content for mobile broadcasting
  • Broadcast Systems Operations monitors all incoming and outgoing content via its nationwide network and ensures adherence to the program guide
  • Operations Center manages the health of the overall network and transmitter sites throughout the United States
  • MediaFLO Core Technology digitizes, compresses, encrypts and encodes content for over-the-air interface transmissions to mobile phones
  • Technical Support is the first point of contact for inbound wireless carrier calls and incident management, and is responsible for report generation and delivery

Dedicated Multicast Network

MediaFLO USA multicasts the FLO TV™ service through the 716-722 MHz spectrum, UHF Channel 55, enabling the nearly instant, seamless delivery of TV-quality content to millions of subscribers simultaneously. What’s more, the FLO TV service does not utilize the wireless carrier’s exsiting 3G networks for transmitting programming content, thereby preventing any degradation to existing voice and data services.

Broadcast Systems Operations

The MediaFLO USA broadcast operations area aggregates programming and prepares it for transmission to mobile phones. This includes the insertion of advertising content management of the content uplink and downlink for every channel, post-production, assembly of audio/video elements, coordination, optimization, and quality assurance of live incoming events, production resources for on-air content development and integration and verification of advertising content.

Operations Center

Maintaining quality support of our service is paramount to our business. The MediaFLO USA network operations functions include performance monitoring, operations management and customer care on a 24x7 basis.

Network Operations and Performance Monitoring

  • 24x7 monitoring of system health
  • Management of content quality/accuracy prior to transmission
  • Incident tracking and escalation
  • Change management and asset management

Operations Managment

  • 24x7 monitoring of transmission systems
  • Monitors and controls of all MediaFLO USA transmiter sites
  • Ensures timely and accurate delivery of schedules and work orders
  • Manages electronic and physical media

Customer Care

  • Single point of contact 24x7 via voice, e-mail and Internet
  • Training center for carrier integration
  • Closed feedback loop to carrier call center