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For the first time, wireless subscribers can watch full-length television shows, news, kids’ programming and live sporting events from the most popular networks on their mobile phones. This unique consumer experience translates to unrivaled market opportunities for advertisers:

  • Build and strengthen brands by gaining access to a whole new audience
  • Maintain a constant connection to consumers anytime, anywhere
  • Take advantage of a national cross-network advertising opportunity

Why advertise on the FLO TV™ service?

Superior technology delivers a quality experience

The FLO TV service distributes television programming to mobile devices through a dedicated multicast network, much like it is delivered to television sets. This means no slow moving progress bars or excessive channel switching times. Shows and ads are delivered instantly and with TV-quality video and audio. What’s more, the delivery process avoids network overload problems, preventing interruption to existing services regardless of how many people tune in.

Familiar content and an intuitive interface promote viewership

The FLO TV service offers an unrivaled lineup of entertainment, news, sports and kids’ programming, allowing you to extend the reach of your advertising through valued and trusted content providers. Thanks to an effortless user interface, consumers easily see what’s on and when. They choose shows from the most popular networks wherever they are within coverage areas, whether they are commuting on a train, waiting at the doctor's office, or in line at the grocery store.

Compelling mobile experience engages audiences

The FLO TV service provides an advanced TV experience for consumers and paves the way for advertisers to easily reach them, right in the palm of their hand. The FLO TV service is what advertisers need and what audiences expect -- an unmatched viewing experience that engages them like never before.

FLO TV — an innovative advertising opportunity

Market research shows that consumers use their mobile TV devices all of the time, during planned and unplanned breaks and almost everywhere they go.* This means you can reach consumers while they are outside of their homes, sitting in a coffee shop or taking a break from work. With the FLO TV service, your message moves with your customer.

*Source: MediaFLO USA Consumer Research

How to advertise

We invite you to take advantage of this new market opportunity by inserting your current 10, 15, 30 and 60-second video commercials into our popular programming lineup. You may purchase advertising directly with the MediaFLO USA ad sales team for advertising on multiple channels in an easy, one-stop media buy.

Looking ahead

MediaFLO USA is developing other innovative advertising opportunities, including extended length commercials, short-format shows, geographically targeted campaigns and spots that leverage interactive features, such as instant-response polls and contests.

For more information on partner opportunities with MediaFLO USA complete this request form and we’ll contact you, or you may email us directly.

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