Welcome to the Mobile TV Revolution

The FLO TV™ service is an unmatched mobile entertainment service delivered by MediaFLO USA, Inc. Wireless subscribers can watch the best selection of live, simulcast and time-shifted full-length television programming on their mobile phones.

The FLO TV solution is an end-to-end service, opening new market opportunities to all members of the mobile TV value chain, including wireless carriers, programming partners, advertisers and device manufacturers. Our partnerships with some of the world’s most familiar entertainment brands position MediaFLO USA to be "the" leader in bringing true mobile TV to the market. Furthermore, the combination of MediaFLO USA’s advanced technology and state-of-the art network and broadcast operations center enables MediaFLO USA to manage a robust operation while providing a single point of contact for all service partners.

Backed by innovative parent company Qualcomm, the MediaFLO USA service delivers unprecedented mobile programming, an intuitive user interface and high quality picture and sound. It is simply the best mobile TV experience available.

Ultimate Programming Lineup

The FLO TV service offers an unrivaled lineup of entertainment, news, sports and kids’ programming from the most popular networks, including CBS, Comedy Central, ESPN, FOX, MTV, NBC and Nickelodeon. This means that programming partners and advertisers can extend their reach to consumers, who can watch the shows they love wherever they go.

Intuitive User Experience

Just like using a TV remote control, consumers glide through an effortless interface, choose shows from an on-screen programming guide and flip from one channel to the next quickly and easily - without progress bars or download delays. MediaFLO USA delivers the mobile TV experience that today’s wireless audiences have come to expect.

Unparalleled Technology

The MediaFLO USA state-of-the-art operations center aggregates content and provides quality control for the mobile experience, then transmits it via a dedicated multicast (one to many) network to millions of subscribers simultaneously and cost-effectively without impacting existing voice and data services.

World-Class Wireless Partners

The FLOTV service is currently available through Verizon Wireless VCAST Mobile TV and AT&T Mobile TV. Together, these providers represent over 50% of the U.S. wireless subscriber market share according to Strategy Analytics.

The Future of MediaFLO USA

MediaFLO USA is dedicated to providing value–added services to our partners and end users. Our professionals are working hard behind the scenes to research and develop exciting new services and compelling content that unleashes the power of TV for every member of the wireless value chain.