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MediaFLO USA can deliver high-quality mobile TV to millions of wireless subscribers. And that creates unique potential for advertisers:
  • Increase reach.
  • Target the digital lifestyle.
  • Engage viewers in a personal experience.
  • Maintain a constant connection with consumers.
You can be among the first to test the advertising potential of MediaFLO USA – a one-of-a-kind distribution channel.

See what�s different about MediaFLO USA:
  • Programming from name-brand networks. Our unrivaled lineup of popular programming enables you to extend the reach of your message.
  • Engaging user interface. Wireless subscribers can tune in to channels and enjoy a true TV experience – all in the palm of their hand. So you have your viewer’s complete attention. Wherever they happen to be.
  • Superior multicast technology. MediaFLO USA distributes video programming to mobile phones at the same time. And no matter how many people are watching, the mobile TV signal quality is excellent, ensuring crisp, instantaneous delivery.
Flexible to your needs, MediaFLO USA offers two routes for purchasing advertising:
  • Directly with content providers’ ad sales teams: For dedicated channel buys across their branded platforms.
  • Directly with MediaFLO USA’s ad sales team: For cross-network advertising on multiple channels in an easy, one-stop media buy.
For more information on advertising opportunities with MediaFLO USA, please contact:

Bill Ganon
VP, Advertising Revenue & Strategy
(858) 651-0009
[email protected]

Kenneth Gierl Jr.
National Sales Director
(858) 651-7547
[email protected]

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