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The MediaFLO USA service delivers the very best mobile multimedia experience possible. Designed from the end-user's perspective with content specifically catered to the cell phone environment, MediaFLO transcends any other mobile media offering available today.

Wireless operators can help reshape the mobile phone landscape by delivering unrivaled multimedia features including high-quality video, audio, and data services.

Content providers have an entirely new platform on which to customize and enhance their brand to deliver cutting-edge programming to a whole new audience.

MediaFLO USA runs the entire operation, providing a single point of contact for services including content options, network operations, and support. MediaFLO USA brings it all together to deliver the ultimate mobile user experience.

Commitment to Wireless Operators

Helping U.S. operators overcome the economical and technological barriers of the mobile marketplace is the top-flight goal for MediaFLO USA. The complementary network does not replace existing offerings, but rather adds value to current services by delivering an even greater breadth of entertainment choices in the highest quality format available.

Brand Extension Into a New Distribution Media

Through the MediaFLO USA service, content providers can easily increase viewership and build loyalty to their programming. A reliable and TV-quality experience enables content providers to protect their brand while delivering content and providing support for comprehensive digital rights management (DRM).
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