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MediaFLO USA delivers the best in mobile multimedia – a true TV experience on a mobile phone. That translates to unparalleled value not only for consumers, but also for wireless carriers, content providers, advertisers and OEMs. When it comes to this mobile-TV value chain, MediaFLO USA runs the entire operation, providing benefits for all service partners:
  • First-rate content. Delivering programming from name-brand networks, MediaFLO USA offers an unrivaled lineup of the best entertainment, news, family and sports programming the media industry has to offer. So consumers can watch great stuff from anywhere, while content providers and advertisers can extend their reach.

  • Superior multicast network. Our dedicated, nationwide wireless network distributes TV programming to mobile phones simultaneously. And no matter how many people tune in, the signal is excellent – TV-quality video, CD-quality sound, fast channel-switching and instant transmission. That means wireless carriers can scale services to millions of subscribers with minimal incremental costs or impact on existing offerings.

  • Excellent viewing experience. Gliding through an effortless interface, consumers can choose shows from an on-screen programming guide and watch TV in the palm of their hand. Like using a TV remote control, they can flip from one channel to the next with familiar channel-switching speed. And there are no progress bars or download delays. Just crisp TV that plays immediately.
MediaFLO USA is revolutionizing the TV experience, combining what people know and love about TV with the energy and excitement of new media. Industry stats show the market potential:
  • U.S. mobile TV subscriptions will top 30 million in 2011 (ABI Research, June 2006)

  • U.S. mobile TV subscription revenue will top $2 billion in 2010 (In-Stat, June 2006)

  • In the U.S., mobile TV is more desired than any other cell phone feature (MediaFLO USA consumer research, 2006)